Team makes great progress with Apple approvals

Following the approval from Apple to become members of the development programme. Colin and team at Go4DirectAccess are proud to announce that they are on target with app and enterprise software development for the NFC gateway Sales & Marketing system. Exciting times ahead with The Lions Lair next weekend. Thanks team! The Android app available now at with IOS variant in build… hashtag#thelionshashtag#thebighousehashtag#nfcgatewayhashtag#poweruphashtag#go4directaccess

just for fun…

How long will it take the community out there not only to identify the location in the photo, but to feedback what is programmed into this specific NFC gateway key ring – let’s see…

New Year – Target Hit!

I’m delighted to announce that that my £2000 target has been met and the monies transferred to the Cherished Hearts charity.

This will make a great difference to the lives of these women and their children in Coventry.

Thank you all!


With matching donations, a mulled wine and minced pies Christmas event plus a surprise tax refund from the HMRC 

Last weekend was my third residential weekend with and as part of the weekend the 16 candidates had to present how we had grown the £20 seed money on behalf of Cherished Hearts…

To date, in total £4,431.36 has been raised, with likely a few thousand more to come from sponsored sky dives and some original music sales.

Thank you once again, and Happy New Year!

Colin and family.