Your questions answered

1. Why not just QR codes?

Well, QR codes have their place as we've seen recently with the Track & Trace apps, but they have to be visible, they take a few moments to capture and they're not reprogrammable.

2. Can all Smartphones work with NFC gateway products?

Yes, our products are built to NDEF standards for compatibility with Android, Apple and Windows devices. In some cases, with iPhone 7 and later ios products a #reader' app is needed. We provide Reader apps for both Apple and Android stores to give users a common slick, easy to use, look and feel - even when you're using a phone that doesn't need an app you can still use the NFC gateway one. It can deliver added benefits too...

3. Do you only offer Smartphone enabled window signs?

In addition to our window signs we offer polyurethane badges and key rings as hardware options. We can offer different form factors too, get in contact if you have a different requirement.

4. So these products go straight to a fixed web site?

Again, you have options here. The base offering does do just that, giving you a low cost 'fit and forget' hybrid sign.  But we do have the ability to offer you 'remotely managed' signs and badges. Use these at Point of Sale or Promotions, redirecting them by season or campaign as required. With an added benefit of receiving analytic data around the use. This 'Software as a Service' facility can be managed by us, or if you have the requirement via your own remote portal access.

5. Are they expensive?

The basic Smartphone enabled vinyl window sign retails at £24.00 (inc. VAT)

6. What is the lifespan?

We offer a 12 month warranty on our products and the NFC electronics will run for several years, maintenance free. They are specified for >100,000 interactions before failing.

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